Partnerships developed with the professional world in the public or private sectors, institutions or non-profit organisations, are of the utmost importance to the relationship between the school, its environment and the working world. On the one hand, collaborative projects tend to bring to the company a certain vision and possible solutions both creative and innovative to a design problem, its use and its users. On the other hand this goal of production and experimentation with ideas and prototypes in line with the needs of the company becomes an integral part of the educational process and the training of students.

The partnership has to be built within a dialogue and mutual confidence, respecting laws of ethics and confidentiality, teamwork rather than favouring competition between the students, elementary respect of designers’ intellectual property rights, but also with the will not to compromise, by providing a less expensive alternative, young professionals who have graduated from our courses.

In this way the school brings a certain image of creation and its trends and in agreement with the companies, contributes to their mutual enhancement and promotion in the media, in tune with what is happening today.