national and international networks

Duperré, active member of Art and Design School networks in France and abroad.

International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI)

The school is now associated member with the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). This international organization is the largest network dedicated to the promotion of higher education in fashion. It has 45 members in 23 countries.


International Association of Art, Design and Media Schools and Universities.

The Cumulus network was created in 1990 and brings together over 140 Art and Design Schools and Universities throughout the world. Cumulus has initiated programmes of international conferences, European Master’s, work groups and the organisation of important creative exhibitions. Cumulus is, above all, a great network allowing and facilitating student and faculty exchange in 41 countries.


French Design Schools network

The FDE network began in 2004, and brings together ten of the most prestigious French public and private schools of Design.

France Design Education was created to promote and enhance French educational know-how and design culture in creation, innovation and research. By establishing common values, by creating a French charter for design teaching and an FDE quality label, the member schools aim to promote and show French design education to its best advantage.

France Design Education monitors the development of training programmes, the harmonisation of diplomas and titles on the French, European and international levels as well as incorporating and setting up actions for sustainable development.


The Art Accord France France was created in 1999, and brings together to date 21 public institutes of higher education in art and design, Schools of Fine Art or Schools of Art and Design in France.

Art Accord France is a network of information and experience exchange for teaching or administrative staff in charge of international relations in the schools of Art. The network maintains contact with groups of British and Spanish schools, enabling them to compare methods by analysing art teaching reforms and by organising thematic conferences in line with issues raised by the European Community.

ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts

Duperré school will soon be a member of ELIA, the primary independent network organization for higher arts education. With over 300 members in 47 countries, it represents some 300,000 students. ELIA advocates the arts on the European level, creating new opportunities for its members and facilitating the exchange of best practices.