ceramic workshop

The ceramics studio is one of the rare workshops in the school to have been there since it was built at the beginning of the XIX century. In this way, a lively and dynamic centre for fire arts has been carried on at the heart of Paris, with its clay, its enamels and its electric, wood-fired, gas or raku kilns.

The first part of the ceramics workshop deals with clay: the students discover clay (earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, firing clay), its malleable qualities and its transformation at every step of the production. They explore different fields of application and observe and experiment with its character, putting into practice techniques, imagining projects and carrying them out by various procedures of shaping such as modeling, throwing, pouring. They learn different ways to treat the surface: sculptural elements, application of slip or glazes.

In the plaster workshop, students learn to make different models and moulds on a wheel for plaster or on marble. These moulds are then used in the clay workshop.

In the kiln room, several electric kilns enable the essential part of all ceramic work to be carried out: the firing; low or high temperature. The workshop also has a raku kiln, quick firing followed by smoking which is done in the courtyard of the school, of a gas kiln and a wood burning kiln. This is used once a year for what is inevitably a memorable firing, marking the final stages of an artwork, a time for teamwork and it contributes to a convivial and festive moment of the course.