As part of their training, students in BTS, DMA, CPGE have to do work placements in companies for between 5 and 8 weeks, at the end of the second semester.

Students in the DSAA fashion and environment can do short work placements throughout the year and a longer internship at the end of the first year (from the beginning of June to end September)as as well as at the end of the second year when they have their diploma (beginning of July until the end of December).

Students in the Bachelor’s degree in fashion do long internships of between 12 and 16 weeks.

The company, the school and the student sign a contract which sets out the legal framework of the internship : the companies is exempt from paying charges, the student intern is covered in case of accidents during his work and is advised by the person in charge who plays the role of internship tutor.

Internship Offers (for companies)
The school gives information about internship offers received to teachers and their students all through the year. Offers of internships may be made to the assistant of the school’s works supervisor.

Employment offers (for companies)
The school gives information about job offers that it receives from companies to graduate students. These offers may be made to the works supervisor’s assistant.