students union

Above all it is the students who forge the identity of a school. Duperré is a place of creation, of learning and of rigor and its force is the combination of knowing how to live together and the expression of that exuberant, unconventional Duperré spirit.

The BDE (Bureau des élèves) is a space for students and run by them. A team is elected for two years to organise different activities inside and outside the school. All the students participate financially which enables the team to be autonomous for the year.

The BDE is a space where students can eat, listen to music, take a rest on a sofa, get to know one another in a warm atmosphere. Or they can read brochures sent by cultural institutes, or work or sleep…The BDE team organises trips in Europe, theatre workshops and evenings with other schools. It also takes part in the Open Days by offering visitors warmth leading to exchanges and meetings, reflecting the school’s image.

The President of the BDE