Duperré is a state school and therefore there are no tuition fees and teaching is free.

However, there are costs related to attendance. The cost of inscription to the Social Security is compulsory, except under special conditions of age or derogation. All necessary information will be given at the time of inscription.
Signing up for complementary health insurance (LMDE, SMEREP, etc.), althoughly strongly recommended, is not compulsory.

The lunch service is payable every two months to the Caisse des écoles. The amount depends on the number of days in the two month period and the family income.

Other costs (supplies, material) : you should reckon on about 150 € per month, depending on the course.

At the start of the school year, a payment of 20 € is asked from students, for the arts and solidarity fund.

The students’ union costs 7 €.

Classe internationale (foreign students not from partner schools): 1200 euros per semester are required as admission fees for european students and 1300 euros for non european students.