classe internationale

A common agreement with Boulle, Estienne and ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, allows to enroll foreign students (not from partner schools) for one or two terms at Duperré.

They join the classes (BTS, DMA, DSAA) according to their profile and academic background. The students from the International Class do not attend classes of English, French, Physics, Philosophy nor Economy.

La Classe Internationale does not lead to a qualification or diploma but a certificate is delivered by the school at the end of the session.

1300 euros per semester are required as admission fees for european students and 1600 euros for non european students.

Academic background in applied arts necessary.

The Classes are in French.

To apply for the classe internationale

Send a CV, a cover letter, a copy of the diplomas, a book (A4 size or cd) to:

Relations Internationales, École Duperré
11 rue Dupetit-Thouars 75003 PARIS

The documents will not be returned.

Deadlines to apply

• Mai 31st for the first semester
• October 30th for the second semester

For more information, please contact the Head of International, Natacha Lallemand.

Any other application at school has to go through Admission Post-bac website.