vocational education tax

What is the apprenticeship tax?

The apprenticeship tax is paid by all companies or organisations which have a commercial, industrial, artisanal or equivalent activity. This compulsory contribution is calculated at the rate of 0,5 % of the payroll of the reference year.
The apprenticeship tax can be paid entirely to the public treasury. But each company is allowed to choose its own beneficiary(ies). You can send the school via a collecting organization part of this tax.

Why pay this tax to Duperré School?

The payment of your apprenticeship taxe enables us:
- to invest in better and better equipment,
- to improve teaching tools,
- to use the expertise of outside specialists.

How to pay the apprenticeship tax ?

Choose an approved collection body (chamber of commerce, union, artisans’ cooperative) and fill in the form they give, often from January 1st.
Mark Duperré School clearly as beneficiary.
Send the form and the corresponding cheque to the collection organisation before March 1st.
The company can also pay the tax by giving equipment instead of the apprenticeship tax. This is considered a payment in kind (equipment, materials).The contribution has to be in line with our courses and have a direct academic interest. A certificate given by the Head of the school will state this fact.

For further information conatct the works supervisor by e-mail or by telephone.