high diploma of fashion design - major in images media & editorial

A cross-curricula approach

The DSAA, equivalent to a first-year Master’s degree, is based on the cross-curricula approach inherent to design. Placed at the crossroads of several design fields, this approach is at the heart of the course which relies on project work with cross disciplinary theoretical or practical teaching, applied to different situations.

The fashion specialisation questions the diversity and difficulties of what is contemporary, what is meant by fashion, from the real to the virtual, print to digital, media to strategy, tools to instruments, author to producer, image to its supports, multimedia to its application. From below the line to above the line communication.

The review

A review and the very idea of putting together a review that is sensitive to a multiplicity of forms, demands editorial skills, media strategy and experimentation with different media types. Partnerships, workshops and meetings are necessary to acquire basic fundamentals and artistic standpoints. The resulting editorial items produced are singular and distinct thanks to the specific expertise of each contributor.