Many students will have to leave the family home and find somewhere to live in Paris. This is not always easy. Below, you will find information and addresses which may help you in your search.

Accommodation solutions


Hostels provide boarding and have rules which some find restrictive. There are two types of hostels: hostels for young workers (FJT) and religious hostels. The FJT, for young people aged between 16 and 25, are not intended primarily for students but can accept a certain number. Religious hostels are managed by religious charities and are often reserved for girls. Living in a hostel is usually a little cheaper than renting a room in town. Reservations should be made directly to the hostels and it is better to apply at least one year in advance.

The CROUS, an essential organisation

The CROUS (Centres régionaux des œuvres universitaires et scolaires) manages two types of accommodation : university rooms and subsidized university halls of residence. The university rooms, called cités U, are the most economic solution. The CROUS also manages subsidized student halls of residence which are built according to the norms of standard low cost council housing. Of recent design they are real apartments, either bedsits or with two rooms. Cost : from 220€ to 350€ per month, before housing benefit deduction for one room. A brief description of the housing provided and application conditions.

Social housing for students

Managed by the HLM housing benefits (APL) organisation, this accommodation consists of APL subsidized apartments. There are sometimes facilities (laundry room, gym, cafeteria). A normal rental contract is signed and the application should be made several months ahead of time.

Hostels for Young workers

About 20 % of places are reserved for students and are available for all those aged between 18 and 25.
For further information : UFJT (Union nationale des foyers des jeunes travailleurs), 12 avenue du Général-de-Gaulle, 94307 Vincennes.  Tel. 01 41 74 81 00.Worth knowing : community hostels

If you have been awarded a grant but you are not eligible for CROUS accommodation, there may be an alternative solution: community hostels, located in the rue Gandon and Boulevard Vincent-Auriol (13e). Neither university nor HLM housing, there are at present about one hundred places reserved for students: rooms for single people, 1 or 2 room apartments for couples (with or without children), for single mothers or siblings, allocated by a commission. Eventually, there will be 266 places.
Information from the social service of CROUS, 39 avenue Georges-Bernanos, 75005 Paris. Tel. 01 40 51 55 55. From Monday to Friday from 9h15 to 12h.

Private student halls of residence

More and more of these halls of residence have appeared in recent years. They are mostly furnished accommodation in halls with “hotel” facilities. The small rooms are attractive, the prices are often steep. It is often easy to find something cheaper in regular housing. Compare prices before making your mind up. Also, be sure to read the rental contract carefully: it is usually written in such a way as to persuade you not to leave in the middle of the year. There are many abusive clauses in this field. Open to all, they are mostly attractive, modern, places which are often furnished and go from bedsits to two rooms in halls with numerous facilities: cafeteria, laundry rooms, sports rooms, TV lounge, car park and cleaning. The comfort and equipment is top but expensive: over 600 euros per month on average ! The ADELE has a service iBail, which enables you to visit and fill in administrative documents online.

Non subsidized halls of residence

These are in recent buildings and have numerous facilities. In almost all cases, there are basic free facilities which include a reception area, access control (interphone) and a common room. For a cost, all the halls have automatic laundries, a cafeteria or a drinks machine and sometimes a photocopier, a pay phone, breakfast, cleaning and TV rental. They cost between 380€ and 460€ in the city. To find out how to contact these halls of residence, see pages 4 and 5 of the address book. O.S.E, tel. 01 55 42 80 80.

International Hostels

For students from all over the world, the AFI (Association des foyers internationaux) runs two halls of residence in the Paris area. They have rooms and furnished apartments, from one to three rooms. But these places are often reserved for those in programmes of international exchange. Tel. 33 (0)1 40 64 20 80.

Housing in town

This is the solution that most students end up taking. But there are many different places on the market. Here are a few tips.


Association pour le développement économique du logement étudiant, ADELE is there to facilitate acces to housing for students and young people in general. ADELE also gives information about insurance, energy, banks and transport.