key dates in the history of the school

1864: creation of a school of applied arts for girls, by the Company for Vocational Teaching of Women, founded by Elisa Lemonnier, situated in the rue Rochechouart.

1882: the school moved to new premises, 24 rue Duperré, Paris 9ème.

1906: the City of Paris bought the rue Duperré school from the Company for Vocational Teaching of Women.

1925: participation, with the three other municipal applied arts schools, in the International Exhibition of Decorative and Modern Industrial Arts in Paris. From this time, the teaching staff came under the Ministry of Education.
The school was called : the Municipal School of Drawing and Art Applied to Industry. It prepared a diploma with two possible specializations : textile and wallpaper creation and advertising (graphic arts, posters) and a large choice of craft workshops.

1970: the school moved from the rue Duperré to the rue Dupetit-Thouars, Paris 3rd. It moved into the premises of the Applied Arts School for boys which went to the rue Olivier de Serres in the 15th arrondissement. The school became co-educational and took the name École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués (Higher School of Applied Arts) like the three other schools in Paris.

1981-1983: creation of the DSAA (higher diploma in applied arts) Fashion and Environment, a level II Diploma. The old diploma was phased out. The school only provided courses in higher education.

1987: creation of the DMA (designer-makers diploma) « textiles and ceramics », which enabled the school to continue teaching rare crafts which used to be part of the diploma awarded by the school.
The school became part of the Erasmus programme of European exchanges and of the international network of design schools, Cumulus.

2005: creation of a Bachelor’s programme in fashion design, in partnership with Marne-la Vallée University.

2007: Masters in Luxury, in partnership with Marne-la Vallée University.

2011: Higher Diploma of the Design Schools of the city of Paris (master's level), joint diploma of Boulle, Duperré and Estienne Schools.