high diploma of fashion design - major in fashion & environment

Training creator-designers

Equivalent to the Master's degree, the DSAA Fashion aims to train creator-designers in skills that encompass the field of fashion and the environment, such as clothing, accessories, interiors, cosmetics, food design, object design, environmental design, events, shows, publishing and communication.


Placed at the crossroads of several domains, the DSAA is the ideal place for cross-disciplinarity, a place where synergy between educational and professional practice is fostered and is backed up by regular participation of specialists who are experts in their fields.

Students from different design backgrounds (fashion, textiles, communication, environmental design etc) are brought together and given specific design, reflection and prospection methods where teamwork and research are encouraged.

A course in two stages

This process ensures the development of a theme of personal research by the end of the first year, enabling the students to prove to a jury of professionals and teachers his capacity to define and question a singular area of research, which corresponds to current interests.

The second year allows students to explore hypotheses of creative, innovative production and embark on a project.At the end of the year, the work produced is presented to a jury and is the subject of a memoir, an exhibition and an oral defence of the project.

Partners from every field of design

Students are exposed to numerous professional and cultural partnerships: Biennale of Design in St-Étienne, Festival d’Automne, Fondation EDF, Descamps, Comité Colbert, Musée National d’Art Moderne/Centre Pompidou, Musée de la poste, Plage pour l’art, Cinémathèque française, etc.