degree in ceramic designer-makers

Presentation of the diploma

The training leading to the DMA in ceramics is a two year course which enables designer-makers to set up or manage studios as independent self-employed workers, to join a company or to be in charge of and run a ceramics workshop.

The training emphasises in-depth knowledge of materials and the relevant know-how which enables students to discover their own methods of expression and of developing a personal project, going beyond traditional production methods.

Course Content

From the first year and especially in the second year, work in the atelier is supported, developed and complemented by all the other subjects. This collaboration favours the acquisition of a real, traditional and contemporary knowledge of ceramics and provides a dynamic synergy throughout the course. Skills and techniques are learnt: shaping of clay and plaster, working with ceramic surfaces, engobe coating, enamels; electric, gas, wood or raku firing. Experimentation with earth materials, research in form and volume, creativity.

The final project is developed all through the second year, based on a theme put forward at the end of the first year and defended by each student. At the end of the second year, the student has to present the approach chosen and the work produced or projected to a jury made up of professionals and teaching staff.

Links with the professional milieu

Backed by a network of professionals working in the field, this programme opens opportunities for participation, meetings, conferences and partnerships with top professionals (Claude Champy, Marc and Arlette Simon, Elisabeth Le Rétif, Setsuko Nagasawa, Alain Gaudebert, Bernadette Wiener) and exhibits regularly (Geneviève Lethu, Galerie Terres d’Aligre, Saint Leu art expo, Institut National des Métiers d'Art, European Craft days).