degree in textile designer-makers

Course content and professional openings

Duperré School is the only one in Paris to provide training for designer makers in these three craft specialities, embroidery, tapestry as constructed textiles and weaving, offering students a remarkable synergy.

Students learn how to master various tools, from the most traditional ones to the most modern. They acquire the necessary know-how which enables them to broach the cultural, social and economic contexts of their future field of work. They are encouraged to develop a personal creative approach, to rework techniques, materials and know-how in a highly contemporary way and to put forward original and unusual interpretations.

The holders of this diploma for textile crafts is a designer-maker with far reaching skills which allow them to carry out their own projects and collections but also to collaborate with other creators who have not mastered these skills and their technical constraints.

A two years course

The DMA Textile is a two year course. A choice of projects helps the students to develop investigative and research skills through manipulating materials, the use of photography and computers. Personal strengths and interests start to emerge. In year two the students pursue their personal direction with a self selected major project and an open exhibition of their work, that reflects a contemporary outlook and offers inventive technical conclusions.

Numerous partnerships

Numerous and varied partnerships enrich the quality of the course and enable students to face the professional constraints of production and exhibition: the Galliera museum, the City of Paris, the National library (Bnf), European Craft days, the Calais City of Lace, the Biennale of decoration and artistic creation of Pantin.