Duperré School trains students for creative careers in fashion and textiles, but also in environmental and graphic design. In addition it has training programmes for designer-makers in textiles (embroidery, weaving and tapestry) and ceramics.

Whatever the course, the emphasis is on innovation and creativity in an atmosphere of freedom and high
standards. A sense of dynamic practice, risk-taking and a taste for discovery is at work, constantly supported by a team of committed, demanding and caring teachers. Multiple projects in partnership with companies put our students at the heart of the pace and requirements of the professional world and involve them in teamwork. These exchanges are constant and varied.

Cross-curricula courses with special attention paid to technological developments, current events and cultural awareness fuel the research that goes towards creation.

The international dimension is becoming an increasingly important, essential part of the training. Many
of our students spend time abroad in partner schools or companies and we also receive foreign students each year.

Founded in 1856, Duperré, a public school of higher education of the City of Paris, takes 500 students every year and delivers diplomas in Applied Arts at level III — BTS and DMA, at level II — vocational Bachelor’s degree carried out in partnership with the university of Marne-la-Vallée and level I — Master’s degree, within the framework of a higher diploma in applied arts (DSAA Design. Option: fashion). Since September 2011 there are further possibilities for study and research after the DSAA with a post-DSAA carried out in partnership with Boulle School and Estienne School.

Annie Toulzat, Director